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Christian Mirra: Illustrator, Writer, and Comic Creator.


Born in 1977 in Benevento, Italy, Christian Mirra is a versatile artist renowned for his proficiency in illustration, multilingual writing (English, Spanish, Italian), and comic creation. Currently based in Santander, Spain, he excels as a freelance illustrator and cartoonist, collaborating with clients from around the globe.


Christian's creative portfolio boasts a prolific collection of cartoons, comics, and comic strips, numbering in the hundreds. His work has found a place in the publications of renowned international publishing houses, including The Hindu, New Holland Publishers, Ugo Guanda Editore, Lilamé, and others.​ 


Today, Christian primarily operates through the online staffing platform, where he has twhere he has successfully undertaken over 250 diverse projects. His unwavering commitment to delivering top-tier work has earned him the prestigious Top Rated Plus status, a reflection of his consistent excellence. Some of his notable achievements include the widely followed comic series "Space Junkies," featured in The Hindu (India) with a dedicated readership of over 500,000 subscribers, as well as the captivating illustrations for the international bestseller "Where's Michael?" (New Holland Publishers, Australia), the whimsical humor cartoons for, and the compelling graphic novel "Quella notte alla Diaz" (Guanda, Italy), among many others.​

In addition to his individual creative pursuits, Christian plays a pivotal role at SmArt Studio, a well-regarded illustration agency. Within the agency, he expertly takes on the responsibilities of Project Manager and Art Director, further establishing his significant presence in the realms of illustration and comic artistry.

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