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Our team of  talented artists excels in a wide range of styles,  tailored to meet the unique needs of your project. Whether you're craving a captivating full-length comic or a stunning single illustration, we'll breathe life into your vision, making it a masterpiece that resonates with your personal taste.





Writer, Illustrator,

Project Manager and

Art Director

A versatile artist known for his expertise in illustration, multilingual writing (English, Spanish, Italian), and comic creation. Based in Santander, Spain, he works as a freelance illustrator and cartoonist, collaborating with clients worldwide.


With a prolific collection of cartoons, comics, and comic strips numbering in the hundreds, Christian's work has been featured in publications by renowned international publishing houses such as The Hindu, New Holland Publishers, Ugo Guanda Editore, Lilamé, and others.


Operating primarily through the online staffing platform, Christian has successfully completed over 250 diverse projects.  Notable achievements include the widely followed comic series "Space Junkies," featured in The Hindu with over 500,000 subscribers, as well as illustrations for the international bestseller "Where's Michael?" (New Holland Publishers, Australia), and the compelling graphic novel "Quella notte alla Diaz" (Guanda, Italy), among many others.


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Penciller, inker, 

Assistant Art Director

Born in Palermo, Italy in 1980.
Graduated from Art School, after a degree in IT engineering, he decided to turn his love for comics and visual arts into his profession.
Since then he has dedicated himself to comics and illustration for advertising.
He has collaborated with major Italian and foreign publishing houses such as Bugs Comics, Sergio Bonelli Editore, for which he draws on the Dragonero Adventures title.
He also currently collaborates with the German publishing house Blue Ocean, for which he draws on titles such as Schleich Dinosaurs, Lego Batman, Lego Avengers, Lego Ninjago and Lego Hidden Side, and with Hasbro, for which he draws the comic dedicated to Power Rangers Beast Morphers.
Among his most interesting collaborations is with India's SK Comics, for which he draws the covers and several issues of the comic Space Junkies, with which he won an award for Best Cover of 2018 at Comic Con India 2018 in Bangalore.
He currently teaches comics and visual storytelling in several art and comics schools in Italy.

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Laura Piazza was born in Palermo and currently resides in Trapani. She has been drawing since the age of three. She attended an art high school and specialized in comics at the School of Comics in Palermo from 2009 to 2011. During her time there, Laura worked for Grafimated Cartoon Company, where she created layout and character designs for animations. She also published two notebook covers for the Italian company 'Cartiere Paolo Pigna S.p.A.' 


Starting from 2012, Laura began creating illustrations for Il Sole di Carta. She has also published two coloring books, 'Colora tu! Ulisse,' which were released by Panini Kids. From 2013 to 2015, she was involved in coloring the comic book series Magico Vento Deluxe, published by 'Panini S.p.A. - copyright Sergio Bonelli Editor.' Currently, she continues to collaborate with Sergio Bonelli Editor, working on coloring comic books for the Tex series.



Illustrator, Colorist

Born in Rome in 1983, this accomplished comic artist began his career in 2006, contributing to Edizioni Bd and Cut-up Publishing. He achieved recognition in Italy with works for Aurea Editoriale and Sergio Bonelli Editore, and internationally with notable contributions to Titan Comics ("Cowboy Bebop," "Dead by Daylight") and IDW Publishing ("DRIVE," "G.I. JOE").

A highlight of his career was winning the Siani Award in 2011 for "E lui che mi sorride." Additionally, his collaboration with Titan Comics and IDW Publishing showcased his versatility and impact on a global scale. His works, including "Bulletproof Diaries: Afghanistan," received a new edition by PaperFirst in 2020.

Currently, he teaches comics at the Rome University of Fine Arts.

Simona bio.jpg


Illustrator, Colorist

Born in a small village in Abruzzo (Italy) and taught herself illustration and comics. With Editions Jungle, she published "Taonga - l'ile mysterieuse" in 2019 as the illustrator and a year later "les aventures d'Alduin et Lena" as the colorist. In 2021, she provided illustrations for "Codice Oslog" by Paoline. Currently, she works as a colorist for Sergio Bonelli Editore on "Dragonero" and "Nero." In 2022, she collaborated with the Mammucari studio to color some 2D scenes for the first season of the animated series "i Paladini."



colorist, caricaturist

Born in Benevento, Italy, in 1987, he has been showing his amazing talent at a very young age. He soon started to work as a colorist for Disney, and in 2012 he was selected as the colorist of the comic book version of Tim Burton's Frankenweenie. 
He was the first to join SmArt Studio right after the team was created by Christian Mirra and Quirino Calderone in 2017.
Today, he continues to showcase his artistry, working with illustrious publishers and entertainment giants such as Disney, Egmont, IDW, Feltrinelli, and Panini Comics.


Calle Arsenio Odriozola 7, 2B 39012 Santander, Cantabria, Spain

+34 627 78 63 65

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